About Me

Hi. I am Dan Therrien. I retired from the Air Force in 1992 after serving 20 years as a public affairs manager. I then sold newspaper advertising and served as managing editor for various newspapers. As a journalist I picked up a lot of writing, photography, and layout skills. I also went back to school to learn everything I could about computers and taught myself a lot also regarding webpage layout and design over the years. Having been fortunate enough to now be retired at a fairly young age, I wanted to do everything I could to serve the Lord and give back to the community using the skills I've been blessed with. I started out by developing a website for the town of Fort Deposit, AL where I live and one for my church. Word started getting out that I built websites for churches and other various ministries and non-profits and the referrals started pouring in - so many in fact, that I figured it was time to build my own website, buy into a server so I could do my own hosting, and the rest is history. People liked what they saw, liked the price which is barely at my cost, so since I now had 10,000MB of server space, and my own website, I thought I'd share my services to other non-profits and small businesses trying to get started on a small budget.